Australia Leading Solar Program

When looking through the AEMO reports it is clear that solar panels will play a major role in Australia’s energy future. Equally clear is the consistent underestimation of the take-up rate.

Professor Andrew Blakers, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, Australian National University, has commented on the August 2012 release by the Bureau of Resources & Energy Economics – report on electricity costs.

“This is the first major government report to reflect the eye-popping reductions in the cost of photovoltaic (PV) electricity that have taken place in recent years.

PV has unlimited potential to supply most of the world’s electricity because it utilises the enormous solar resource, requires only a tiny fraction of the world’s land area, utilises only very common materials, has negligible environmental and aesthetic impact, and has minimal security and military issues.

PV is now cost-competitive with retail electricity throughout Australia – the simple payback time ranges from five to ten years compared with system lifetimes of 25 years. PV is also cost-competitive with off-peak electricity and gas for production of domestic hot water and space heat.

A solar revolution is taking place that will soon transform Australia’s energy system.”

Professor Blakers was the inspiration behind the City of Victor Harbor’s C-PREP solar panel retrofit program


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