Carbon Costs / Footprint

For each kWh generated by a solar panel installation 1.06Kg of C02 is saved from entering the atmosphere. If we look at 3,000 domestic solar panel installations in Victor Harbor and assume say a minimum output of 4kWh per day per house we arrive at a total of 12.7 tonnes of CO2 per day! If we further assume that we only get full sun for a third of the year, say 121 days – then 121 days at 12.7 tons per day yields 1,536 tonnes.

In 2002 Prof Andrew Blakers of the Australian National University said in a short paper that if Australia was fair dinkum about reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, the quickest way to obtain positive results would be by retro-fitting solar panels to every building. The above data validates his thinking.

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Proffessor  Blaker's Paper Energy Status SA   (PDF 431KB)

IBIS is renowned for its in depth analysis and reports on business, nationally. Here they provide an insight into the affect on business of the carbon tax. The report is clear and concise and should dispel fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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IBISWorld and their free report -
"The Clean Energy Plan and Australia's Industries"