University Adelaide

Council's initial 2010 research and development progam with Adelaide University was to study the feasibility and efficacy of hybrid (solar/wind) energy systems. The report can be seen here. It led in part, to the design and construction of a local savonius wind turbine that has the distinction of being the first device to be tested in university's brand new wind tunnel. Council facilitated this with a $4,000 grant.

In September 2012 Council approved a small grant of $2,000 for students in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Adelaide University. Their studies deal with both design and construction. One group designed and put together a wave power machine while the other built a tidal power turbine. Much to our delight the tidal power unit won the best sustainable energy prize.

Both units will undergo testing in our area further strengthening our tertiary education links.

In 2013 council will continue to strengthen its links with the University sector as it is only by innovation and application, particularly around energy, that we can ensure a reliable economic future.

Discussions are underway with University faculties on several areas that might drive innovation and produce further results applicable to our community. Topics include storage (batteries) and smart grids which may offer the opportunity of sharing power between houses and buildings.

Click here for: CVH Adelaide Uni Report C-PREP History PDF icon (PDF 9.73 MB)