The Effects of Renewable Energy Programs

The mass deployment of solar panels across Australia is now changing taxpayer access to reliable, cheaper power. Australia is approaching 500,000 houses and buildings fitted with solar panels. In Germany the figure is over 1,000,000 buildings under panel. South Australia has a greater penetration of solar and wind power than all other states. This changes things.

The following are the main effects of this disruptive technology:

  • The price of Photovoltaic Panels (PVP) will continue to fall, as much as 20% prior to December 2012. Over supply and major retailers entering the market as the cause.
  • Even when subsidies stop, as they must do in time, it will be cheaper to put solar panels on a roof than pay the power bill.
  • In June 2012, for the first time in Australia's history the demand for energy fell! Known as the "merit effect" this confirms renewable energy and energy efficiency measures as key drivers of change. The energy market is no longer predictable.
  • Battery storage will advance rapidly allowing those who choose to be off the grid – to do so.
  • Energy clusters of community groups will be able to sell their power back into the grid.
  • Our legislators must pass laws allowing "smart grids" to facilitate the movement of power across grids similar to Internet "peer to peer" exchange - for power buying , selling and sharing.
  • Ever increasing reductions of CO 2.
  • Every home, factory and office will become its own power generator.
  • Car batteries (electric cars) will play an increasing role in power storage