CAP Grant / Report

CAP Grant

The Consumer Advocacy Panel awarded Council a $20k grant to undertake a study of energy across the Fleurieu Peninsula. The study undertaken by Wessex Consulting was completed in April 2012. Its findings indicate that traditional power on the Fleurieu will be increasingly expensive and unreliable. Its findings on the amount of solar power being created from rooftop solar panels (Page 30) across SA is an eye opener and clearly locks solar in for any regional power consideration. This report will be shared with all other South Australian Councils.

CAP Report

The reports stunning revelation is how valuable rooftop solar panels are and the vital ongoing role of renewable energy in our region's future.

Access to affordable, reliable power and water supplies are the two biggest threats to fleurieu businesses and communities.

Council sought and won a $20k grant from the Consumer Advocacy Panel to look at Fleurieu energy needs. Wessex Consulting conducted the research.


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Demand-side Opportunities in the Fleurieu Region Energy Status SA (PDF 1.47 MB)