Number of People with Panels

When looking at the map on our home page, it is immediately apparent that the deployment of solar panels has been and remains, a popular initiative. In May 2011 the Clean Energy Council named Victor Harbor has having the third highest growth of solar panel installation in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council's (CEC) December 2012 report put Victor Harbor installations at 38% of all housing in its precinct. Meter installations were a blistering 15 per day six days a week. In June 2012, six meters per day were being installed placing Victor Harbor in the enviable position of having at least 40% of its housing under panel.

The CEC December report went on to say, "it is "battlers" (or if you prefer, "working families") that are driving the uptake of solar PV as a way to address rising energy bills."

Clearly having that number of panels changes things economically. Council's Demand Side Opportunity Report (see CAP Grant Report) places the average value to a home owner of installations participating in feed in tariff schemes - at $779.00.

The report values the total amount of electricity generated via solar panels across 75,000 South Australian houses at $58.5M! If these amounts are attention grabbing - then in light of the recent 18% rise in electricity prices, savings on energy bills for Victor Harbor consumers can now be measured at over $1m per annum.

This changes our local economy for the better. The money stays here and the opportunity of harvesting what the CSIRO Smart Grid report terms "distributed energy," becomes an economic opportunity not just for Victor Harbor, but all regional communities.