Smart Grids

Briefing: Smart Grid – City of Victor Harbor
Overview - April 2011

CSIRO Intelligent Grid Cluster

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Key Issues

  • Overview Broadband installed across the Fleurieu
  • Selection of software and electronics companies
  • Engaging the Regional Development Authority (Funding)
  • Engaging current power grid owners (ETSA in SA)
  • Engaging state government, assist in providing the
    necessary legislation

Summary and Next Steps

Key Issues –

Clearly the cost of energy (vital for all economic activity) will escalate. In NSW the annual rise for domestic use is tipped between $600 and $1,000. Smaller rises are foreshadowed for SA but are inevitable to cover increased distribution costs and the impending closure of the states second largest generator, Alinta.

When a carbon tax is introduced costs will again climb. Renewable energy is the immediate way to alleviate the issue and simultaneously offer increased economic activity. Internet facilitates “smart grids” and enables the precise distribution of energy across a grid. Such grids will lessen the demand for new power stations and decrease the use of existing coal fired stations. They also dramatically reduce carbon gas.


Continue to facilitate and encourage the roll out solar panel retrofitting with the aim of having all existing houses (and interested commercial buildings) fitted with a minimum of 1.5 kWh photovoltaic panel systems.

Draft business plan for a trial Victor Harbor Smart Grid.

Engage state and federal government on policy and legislation necessary to support the programs, i.e. gross feed in tariff rather than net, installation of suburban wind turbines and the addition of said turbines to tariff program.

Seek Council approval for the Smart Grid concept linked to the establishment of a local renewable energy power company (or companies) based on the initial findings of the University of Adelaide’s renewable energy report for Victor Harbor.

Begin public consultations and publicity programs.

Next steps:

  • Brief Elected Members, CEO, Directors and staff
  • Brief Regional Development Authority
  • Begin dialogue with potential smart grid companies
  • Engage Fleurieu ratepayers with LGA rollout and domestic wind turbines
  • Seek external funding

Author Roy Ramage
Economic Development Officer
City of Victor Harbor
0448 760 005